Putting the "U" in Urban Watershed Stewardship Series

A healthy watershed is important to our quality of life but human activity has degraded the natural landscape in our heavily developed area. Ways an individual can have a positive impact and become a steward of our precious resources.

Putting the U in Urban Watershed Stewardship

Presented by:

Brooklyn Centre Naturalists
Friends of Big Creek


Presentations [pdf format]:

Joe Mestnik, Partner, Firefly Architecture.
The Use of Native Plants in Public and Private Landscapes
Concepts from Brooklyn Centre Naturalists projects which are part of the ReImagining Cleveland Grant Program, designed to create sustainable land reuses of vacant city-owned land bank lots, including the grant recently awarded to Brooklyn Centre Naturalists.

Terry Duncan, National Wildlife Federation Habitat Steward
Big or Small: Backyard Habitats Are Everywhere
A certified wildlife habitat can be found in an area as small as a patio, in urban as well as suburban settings. All you need is the right combination of food, shelter, water, and a place for wildlife to raise their young. NWF ideas on how to build it so some of your favorite wild friends will visit.

John Rakauskas, Rakauskas Architecture.
Trickle Down Methods of Storm Water Management
Some permeable paving practices that, along with rain gardens and other measures, can help slow down and reduce volume and improve the quality of the stormwater entering our streams. 

Lisa Warner, Naturalist, City of Fairlawn.
Big Or Small: How to Make a Rain Garden
Lisa is passionate about community education and enthusiastic about rain gardens. Her presentation will cover the basics of how to create a rain garden in a residential setting.

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