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Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Stormwater & Watersheds
Includes What is Stormwater, information about the Stormwater Management Program and stormwater management tools for use at home.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Polluted Runoff: Nonpoint Source Pollution
What it is and what to do about it.
Green Design to Reduce Wet Weather Impacts
Preservation and restoration of natural landscape features such as forests, floodplains and wetlands; smaller scale practices to harvest and reuse rainwater, including rain gardens, porous pavements and green roofs.
Low Impact Development (LID)
Principles and practices to manage stormwater in development and re-development.
U.S. Geological Survey - Water Science
Information on many aspects of water designed for elementary school students. Relevant topics include:
Earth's water: Runoff
The Water Cycle: Surface Runoff
Impervious Surfaces
Natural Resources Defense Council
Urban Stormwater Pollution
Our drinking water supplies, shellfishing waters and bathing beaches are fouled by pollution when rainwater and snowmelt wash over city streets, parking lots and suburban lawns. Recent studies have found that urban stormwater rivals (or exceeds) sewage plants and large factories as a source of damaging pollutants.
How to Clean Up Our Water
Sewage overflows and runoff from farms and city streets close thousands of miles of beaches each year and poison our food supply and drinking water. The good news is that there are many things you can do to help. Here are simple actions to help stem the tide of polluted runoff -- and clean up and conserve our waters.
Urban Stormwater Solutions
Cities, developers, corporations and schools are beginning to find new ways of reducing stormwater pollution, as illustrated in these case studies.
Rooftops to Rivers - Green Strategies for Controlling Stormwater and Combined Sewer Overflows
A policy guide for decision makers looking to implement green strategies, including case studies of cities that have successfully used green techniques to create a healthier urban environment. See the original report and the 2011 update.
Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Division of Soil and Water Resources
Lake Erie Coastal NonPoint Pollution Control [as archived]
Issues for our region.
Stormwater Management
Includes the Rainwater and Land Development Manual - a comprehensive source of general standards to avoid, minimize or compensate for development impacts to water resources. Practices range from control of specific pollutants, like sediment generated during construction, to practices that help maintain the natural functions of a healthy stream system. Mainly intended for site designers but is a good resource for those interested in water quality and protection and land use planning.
Stormwater Runoff 101
Urban runoff is a main source of pollution at beaches across the United States. Solutions to urban runoff, known collectively as "green infrastructure" can reduce the amount of polluted water flowing into our oceans, rivers and lakes. From the Natural Resources Defense Council.
Stormwater Runoff-- The Pervious Concrete Solution
The sustainable and economic benefits of pervious concrete in mitigating storm water runoff. Produced by the British Columbia Ready Mixed Concrete Association.