Big Creek Stormwater Retrofit Ranking Project

Big Creek Watershed Stormwater Retrofit Ranking Project Final Technical Report – Lake Erie Protection Fund SG 409-2011

Big Creek Watershed Stormwater Retrofit Implementation Project
Final Technical Report – Lake Erie Protection Fund SG 456-2013

Stormwater retrofits are a series of green structural stormwater practices designed to mitigate erosive flows, reduce pollutants, and promote conditions for improved aquatic habitat that are retrofitted into developed watersheds. They provide treatment in locations where practices previously did not exist or were ineffective.

This project builds on the work completed in the recently state-endorsed Big Creek Watershed Balanced Growth Plan by using data gathered for the four types of stormwater retrofits identified in the plan.

The prioritization project evaluates the identified retrofits through further desktop and field analysis on selected sites. The prioritized projects are ranked based on the following criteria: potential for water quality treatment, ecological and community benefits, potential for improved flood control and site constraints. The highest ranking projects have conceptual designs with cost estimates.

TetraTech Inc. is the consultant for project oversight and conceptual design work.

Initial funding for the project was made possible through grants from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Freshwater Future and the Ohio Lake Erie Protection Fund.

A second phase of the Big Creek Watershed Stormwater Retrofit Ranking project was funded primarily through a grant from the Lake Erie Protection Fund (SG 456-13).

For more information on stormwater retrofits:
Schueler, Thomas R., and Jennifer Zielinski. Urban Stormwater Retrofit Practices. Ellicott City, MD: Center for Watershed Protection, 2007


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