Summary Notes from June 1st, 2005 Steering Committee Meeting - YMCA.

Discussion of possible names for the organization in lieu of "Friends of Big Creek," possible domain names based on names available, and setup and cost for a site. Advantages of operating on the Web include:

E-mail communication
News and events calendar
Studies, research reports, related organizations
Information on membership
Discussion and news sharing among members


Discussion of organizational structure: a steering committee of members of the community; an advisory committee with members from business and community agencies. Committee chairs and assignments and a recording secretary were also discussed.

Discussion of the establishment of 501(c)3 nonprofit status. Methods of obtaining funds were discussed. This included the possibility of a grant.


Discussion of future development of the area and the Brooklyn Master Plan. Attendees were encouraged to attend a Master Plan meeting June 7th at the Brooklyn Senior Center at 7:00 pm.


Two handouts from the Cuyahoga River RAP: The Lower Cuyahoga River Urbanization in the Tributary Watersheds; Surface Water Quality Monitoring - Rules for the Collection of Credible Data. Credible Data Protocol defines three levels of data collection with level three the most reliable.

Discussion of what is involved in testing for water health and safety, the possible participation of a local school in a project.

The importance was described using a scenario of rain falling on a parking lot. In summer warm water runs off into a creek, temperature may immediately increase and affect the next 1000 feet of the stream. Oxygen levels decrease in warm water; this affects the aquatic life in a stream, reducing the presence of life in the stream and eventually birds, and other animals higher up in the food chain.


The severe lower Big Creek valley hillside subsidence problem behind West 23rd residences was discussed.

Two pilot projects were discussed, one above the zoo; one on this side of Ridge would cut the existing grade. It costs about 67,000 dollars per property to cut slope, regrade, and replant.


West Nile Virus health hazard was discussed in relation to mosquito breeding in stagnant water in tires below the Brooklyn-Brighton Bridge. Mosquitoes that reside in normal flowing creeks or lakes are not the culprits.

Methods of disposing of tires were discussed: discussions with the city; a caravan of trucks hauling ten tires at a time to a recycling center; contacting a tire recycling plant.


Continued discussion of herbicide use along area railroad tracks. Need to become more informend about beneficial plants and non-native invasive species.


- June 7th Planning Meeting Brooklyn Senior Center 7:00 PM
Planning Commission (Tiedeman Project will be discussed).
- June 12th Lower Big Creek Hike Zeleznik’s Bar&Grilll 1:00-3:00PM
- June 12th Pre Creek Planning Hike 3:00-4:00PM
Tim McCormack will be here.
- June 15th General Meeting Zoo Education Center 7:00 PM
- July 6th Steering Committee Brooklyn Library 7:00 PM
Possibility of breaking out into different groups – eg. Education & Outreach; Accesibility
- July 20th General Meeting YMCA 7:00 PM
Paul Alsenas, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
- August 3rd Steering Committee 7:00 PM
- August 17th General Meeting Brooklyn Library 7:00 PM

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