Summary Notes from FOBC General Meeting, June 15th at the Reinberger Education Center

WELCOME by Jim Kastelic of the Cleveland Metroparks. INTRODUCTION / OVERVIEW by Bob Gardin.

FEATURED PRESENTATION by David Beach - EcoCity of Cleveland (; for EcoCity Newsletter called EcoCity Digest, call 216-961-5020 or see David presented a slide show on bioregional thinking and development trends and how they may relate to the Big Creek watershed area. The bioregional plan is based on six items:

  • Clean air and water
  • Access to Nature
  • Ability to get from here to there
  • Safe stable neighborhoods
  • Resources for future generation
  • And a strong regional economy

Review of May 18th General Meeting

  • The hillside subsidence problem: Bob Laycock, in charge of neighborhood development, said he visited Dale Smith's house but he wasn't home. Looked at his neighbor's back yard. Bob said he will check into this.
  • Al Nemeth did some research on the ownership / tax status of several parcels of land in the Old Brooklyn area that were in the State of Ohio's hand. What can we do to obtain the land. Bob Laycock will check into it.
  • Al Nemeth also brought in documentation showing tax info of 2 parcels of land owned by Brooklyn Auto Parts (under Pearl Road bridge). One was in foreclosure. Bob promised to come back with some answers.

Review of June 1st Steering Committee Meeting June 1st

The pesticide problem by the railroad tracks was discussed.

  • Brian Cummins was looking into the Harshaw Chemical plant (lower Harvard) with the Army Control of Engineers and the possibility of getting some type of sign or public education about the status of the plant.
  • Jim White from RAP talked about Water Quality Testing. He discussed the different levels and what was required. Kelvin Roger at the EPA is involved schools engaging in monitoring water quality.
  • Jeff from West Creek mentioned getting kids exposed to watershed problems and waterways in our own back yard.

Big Creek - Chevy Branch Clean-up
On June 11th at the Chevy branch cleanup occurred. Sonia Difiore, from the Cleveland Zoo, was present and gave an overview of the event.

Lower Big Creek Hike
Bob said the hike on 12th went well. It started at the YMCA. He said the road under the bridge was so full of dirt you couldn't tell it had a curb. He also mentioned they were moving cars to make it look like they were cleaning up the place. Bob Laycock mentioned that an inspector was out but no report was back as of yet.

Next walk will be Sunday, July 10th, 1:00 PM.

We discussed the makeup of a new website volunteered by Mary Ellen. We discussed possible domain names.

We talked about organizing the structure of the Steering Committee. It was agreed by the steering committee that the committee proper would have citizens. The advisory committee would be made of council members, business associates, etc… Jim White discussed seeking 503(C) status under them.

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