Summary Notes from FOBC General Meeting, Sept. 21, 2005 at the Reinberger Education Center

I. Welcome: Jim Kastelic and Bob Gardin - Introduction to Friends of Big Creek and Dr. John Beeker, Ph.D.

II. Feature Presentation:

John Beeker, Ph.D., Director, Environmental Planning Division, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency - "Lower Big Creek Study Update." Status of the three phases of this study: 1) the update of trail implementation, 2) the greenway plan implementation, and (3) the business relocation options among other items. Thanks also to George Cantor, from Cleveland City Planning for comments.

III. Items discussed:

a. Brownfield study to begin October 1. A $200,000 dollar plus $100,000 matching grant. Dr. Beeker showed a map of ten locations where this study is or will begin, including the Heninger Landfill, the Harshaw Chemical plant, the area under the Brooklyn Brighton (Pearl Road) bridge.

b. Hillside Subsidence was discussed. It was found residents were doing things that did not encourage the prevention of hillside subsidence problems such as dumping material in their back yard. Education, including a book on this subject, workshops, and a model Zoning Ordinance for set back.
Information available on NOACA's website or write to Noaca, 1299 Superior Ave., Cleveland.

c. Transportation Planning including the Pearl Road Corridor study. This would include studying the area from I-71 to the State Road-Pearl Rd split. Eventual traffic calming plans would reduce the number of lanes on Pearl Road.

d. Treadway Creek Project: OBCDC is lead. 745k Clean Ohio Grant received. Includes all purpose trail connecting Harmody Park and Towpath Trail. Construction scheduled for Spring 2006, with opening Fall 2006. Currently a 14 million dollar sewer construction project is going on.

e. Steelyard Commons. George Cantor and Jim Kastelic talked about this project. The first 7 miles of the towpath was under the control of the Metroparks. The 7.5 miles from Harvard Ave. to downtown will be paid for / under control of the City. Walmart developers have agreed to be responsible for a one mile section that will be in two parts…one section of the path through the development and one section around the development. They are also going to have a museum to the steel industry. A bridge no longer used will be the main focal point under the entrance way.

f. Business Outreach: To help business along the proposed areas 2.4 million dollars for the Valley Road area and 3.9 million dollars in state and federal funding have been obtained.

Submitted by Gregory Cznadel
Recording Secretary, Friends of Big Creek

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