Summary Notes from FOBC Steering/Advisory Committee Meeting, Jan. 31, 2007 at the CCPL Brooklyn Branch Library

Attending: Stasek, Lennartz, Cznadel, Gardin, Gazda, Penko, White

Discussion about creating a signage program for Big Creek. Bob noted the lack of awareness of the proximity of Big Creek and its tributaries and the effectiveness such a program could have with the public.

Jim White mentioned a communications grant the RAP received from the Gund Foundation, and that a signage program may be more effective for the whole Cuyahoga Watershed. Discussion of types of signs, scope and code requirements and restrictions.

CMAG application

CMAG application update

Presentation made by Jim White (with Gardin, Stasek) to the City of Brook Park’s Administration and Council. Brook Park Council passed a resolution to support Mayor Elliott’s letter of commitment towards their $2500.00 match. Bob mentioned the letter of support for $2500 from the city of Brooklyn and their Council resolution for up to $4000.00, if needed.

SWCD Big Creek / Stickney Branch Clean-up in Old Brooklyn

Six sections of the creek visited, much of it buried under ground. There are one or two sections, especially by Archmere Park that could be prime candidates for the clean up.  Included was a field survey of the Walter’s Grove area in Parma.

Stewardship Activities

Brookside Reservation Clean-Up and Invasive Pull (Garlic Mustard) will be on Saturday, April 28. 

Calgary Park hillside - exploratory hike next Sunday.

Proposed Water Quality Monitoring 

Penko and Gazda proposed sites. 

1. Outlet of retention basin behind 10241 Ridge Rd.,N. Royalton (Ridge & Albion)
2. Big creek Parkway, South of snow Road at Bridge Ford in Picnic area (Parma Heights) (Park Drive)
3. Memphis Park south of Western Branch (Brooklyn)
4. Memphis Park West of Southern Branch on Western Branch under Railroad Bridge (Brooklyn)
5. Brooklawn Behind Police Station at W.130 St. and I-71 (Cleveland) (Western Branch)
6. At mouth up from Cuyahoga River at Jennings Rd. and Harvard ave (Cleveland)
7. Archmere Park on Archmere Ave Between Pearl Rd and State Rd (Cleveland) on Stickney Creek

Testing would be for temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity. Discussion of sites, obtaining credible data, posting results.

Lower Big Creek Update for General Meeting June 7th

Neighborhood Connections Grant possibilites discussed.



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