Summary Notes from FOBC Steering Committee Meeting, Dec. 5, 2007 at the CCPL Brooklyn Branch Library

Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network & Fund Grant
In November FOBC received a grant from the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network & Fund (GLAHNF) for $1250. The money will be used for Education and Outreach – a newsletter issue and brochure.

Public Meeting on Lower Big Creek 11-14-07
About 90 people attended the first public meeting of the Lower Big Creek Valley Master Plan held at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. A presentation was given showing the possible trail alignments and various proposed land uses. Attendees had the opportunity to discuss and submit ideas and preferences.

Treadway Trail Soft Opening Saturday, Dec. 1
More than 50 people attended. OBCDC and FOBC provided information tables, hot beverages and snacks. Attendees walked or rode along the trail. In his remarks Councilman Cummins noted many who had involvement in the development of the trail including former Councilwoman Merle Gordon, Carrie Hanson from the City of Cleveland’s Department of Parks and Recreation, Tom Collins from OBCDC and Mike Kannard from landscape architecture consultants Schmidt, Copland, Parker, Stevens.

Wateshed Management
FOBC should stay up-to-date on Riparian Setback efforts in each community. In Cleveland bill has had first reading.

FOBC will be meeting with each watershed municipailtiy (Brooklyn and Parma first) about the Watershed Management Plan. Would like to meet with Cleve. Council members Sweeney and Brady as well.

Organizational Matters:

Bob has discussed 501(c)3 status and the position of watershed coordinator with several people including Jim White, Brian Cummins, Dave Lincheck, Sue Zurovchak, Lester Stumpe, Jan Rybka, Andy Vidra. FOBC will form a committee to further investigate before steering committee discussions next year.

Correspondence - Appreciation has been expressed to past speakers: Elaine Marsh, Steve Tuckerman, Vern Hartenburg.

Next Newsletter - proposed articles:
Big Creek Watershed Management Plan Update
Lower Big Creek Greenway Plan (Cleveland) Update – Photos or Maps
Big Creek Greenway Plan (Brooklyn) Update
Article about value of Greenways/Trails
November 7th General Meeting and Volunteer Water Monitoring Program
Treadway Ravine soft opening (Photo)
Article about importance of wetlands/riparian corridors
Oxbow Species Inventory update
Fundraiser announcement

Other suggestions: educational items, shorter articles. Newsletter Committee: Bob, Mary Ellen, Ann, Greg, Patti, and Sonia.


Scrooges Nite Out Saturday, 12-1-07 FOBC will be Volunteering at beer/wine taps with West Creek Preservation Committee.

Fund Raiser: A fundraiser at Browns Lanes was agreed upon by the finance committee at the September finance committee meeting.

Vision Statement review still needed. Bylaws reviewed and approved by majority vote.

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