Summary Notes from FOBC Steering/Advisory Committee Meeting, June 4, 2008 at the CCPL Brooklyn Branch Library

Attending: Gardin, Cznadel, Kuula, Penko, Slobodian, Lennartz, D. Petro, K. Petro, DiFiore, Kastelic, Lincheck, Regener, Rybka, Stumpe

Review of recent events: Parma Safety Fair, Oatey Wetland tour, EarthFest, RiverSweep, Treadway Creek Trail Opening, RiverDay, Stormwater Conference, Big Creek Fern Hill Cleanup

Planning for upcoming events: Big Creek Watershed Cleanup, Parma Rib and Rock, Brooklyn Centre Cemetery Tour, Brookstock

Watershed Mgmt. Plan

Community meetings in Brooklyn and Parma. Cleveland (Zoo location) is next. Regener noted content will include demographics, land use and urban retrofit possibilities. Stumpe elaborated with the notion of Pinch Points, e.g., upstream areas that yield quick returns for investment. Mention of Ride Study being revisited and areas rechecked for viability. Return on investment weighed for benefits to erosion, flooding, sedimentation.

BC Greenway Plan

Kastelic gave overview. Floyd Browne Groupe and Schmidt Copeland Parker Stevens are consultants. First public meeting to be June 25. Data is being gathered and some areas under study have been walked.

Related Planning Initiatives

Lower Big Creek: Final plan presented May 13th at public session.
Brownfield assessment: EPA Grant for Phase I and II studies. Should be complete by October.
Economic Analysis study: Final report due June 19th.

Bridge Replacement on SR 17 (Brookpark Rd.) in Brooklyn and Parma, ODOT District 12, $710K. Have requested that bridge accommodate widened ped/bike lanes for potential trail extension. Kastelic reports that Metroparks is advising.


Discussion of pursuing nonprofit status and bylaw changes.

Kim Petro approved as addition to Steering Committee. Cznadel will remain as Secretary, Treasurer needed. Laura Travers confirmed as addition to Advisory Committee, representing Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

Newsletter and brochure still in progress. CCBH can assist with newsletter.

No public meetings planned beyond Watershed Mgmt. and BC Greenway meetings.

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