Summary Notes from FOBC Steering Committee Meeting, Nov. 11, 2008 at the CCPL Brooklyn Branch Library

Big Creek Watershed Management Plan – Update on process/next steps:

Discussion of five meetings held. First meeting in Brooklyn, with Jim White’s Watershed 101 presentation was the most successful. Despite the bad weather it had better attendance than some others. It was hoped that by having the meetings in the various communities there would be good representation by officials but such has not been the case. Suggestions for disseminating information and attaining "buy-in" included video presentations and summary presentations to city councils.

Big Creek/Brooklyn Greenway Plan – Update on process/next steps:

In October, FOBC reps examined the section of the proposed trail alignment between St. Thomas More and Ridge Road.

West Creek’s Dave Lincheck advised that property owners in the vicinity of trails be notified that our group would want to know of any properties that come up for sale and that our interest in the properties is not immediate but for future considerations. Dave also mentioned the Cleveland City Planning Commission GIS system for property research. If any trail section would be ready for building by next year there is a funding possibility that has been presented to West Creek.

Side note: The possibility of purchasing the Oak Park Motel and opening Stickney Creek that runs beneath the parking lot was discussed at the Ward 15/16 Master Plan Advisory Committee.

Related meetings :
November 17- Big Creek Greenway Advisory Committee
December 8- Big Creek Greenway Public Meeting – Brooklyn City Hall
December 15- Big Creek Greenway Advisory Committee

Organizational matters: 501c3 filing and insurance costs were discussed.


Johnny Mango’s dining – 20% of bill goes to Friends of Big Creek. Dates will be confirmed.
Scrooges Nite Out bartending– December 5th.

Steering / Advisory Committee / Officer changes.

With approval from FOBC Steering Committee, Bob Gardin will accept position as Co-Chair of Northeast Ohio Watershed Council

Jim Wohl, (National Wildlife Habitat Steward, Valley Forge School Wetland project) joins Steering Committee.

Diana Slobodian. (National Wildlife Habitat Steward) joins Steering Committee and accepts Treasurer position. Diana begins term with counsel on need to track expenditures and capture all financial information.

Membership position needs development

Wetland site visits - followup to Urban Wetlands Symposium:
Valley Forge High School Wetland Project with teacher John Komar;
Nine Mile Creek Retention Basin Restoration Project

Review of needs for next newsletter and a watershed map.
Review of late summer/fall clean-ups – August 13th
SWCD Conservation Day – September 13th - Conservationist of the Year Award to FOBC's Bob Gardin
Urban Wetlands Symposium – September 24th - Around 54 in attendance.
Brooklyn Wetland Site Survey – October 12th
Ward 20 neighborhood Summit – October 30th

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