Summary Notes from FOBC Steering Committee Meeting, Sept. 2, 2009 at the Brooklyn Branch Library

In attendance: Bob Gardin, Mary Ellen Stasek, James Gazda, Ann Kuula, Gayle Albers, Don Martin, Diana Slobodian, Carla Regener, Laura Travers, Al Penko, Greg Cznadel, Jim Wohl, Dennis Petro, Jeff Lennartz, Dave Lincheck, Guest-Aaron Morford

Minutes. Acceptance of May 6th and July 1st meeting notes.

Advisory Committee additions: Gayle Albers, Cleveland Metroparks; Jim McCall, Parma Heights City Council

Funding: FOBC received $28,579.55 grant from NEORSD through its Watershed Grants Program. In reviewing grant application NEORSD recommended that FOBC seek independent 501(c)3 status.

Reasons for change in fiscal sponsorship were discussed. Proposal for West Creek Preservation Committee to become fiscal agent until FOBC obtains 501(c)3 status. FOBC will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with West Creek Preservation. FOBC will obtain its own insurance.

Officer changes
Add “Project Manager” to positions.
Chair: Mary Ellen Stasek
Vice Chair: Jeff Lennartz
Project Manager: Bob Gardin

Update on projects related to 12-month plan of work.
Bob discussed briefly each:
- American Greetings. Bob noted the April 2009 tour and explained potential wetland enhancement project.
- Brooklyn Oxbow, Stearns Farm, Busch properties, other potential projects
- Land Conservation
- Greenway/Trail Conference
- Local Ordinances
- Re-imagining Cleveland. Bob explained the landbank project that the City of Cleveland initiated.
- Outreach & Education
- Rain barrel workshops with Cuyahoga SWCD. Income: $217 and $400 for the two workshops
- Wetland tours: August 27-October 5.
- Friends of Euclid Creek meeting Sept 8. Bob will do a presentation on FOBC
- Next FOBC Public Meeting in October. Jim Gazda will see about getting students to do presentation on projects.

Recent outreach efforts
- FOBC/WCPC Upper Cuyahoga Canoe Outing – July 12
- Brookstock – July 18 - Good venue. Coloring for kids was successful. Photos of kids with YOTR fish were submitted to RAP and appear on the Web site.
- OBCDC All Access Home and Bicycle Tour July 18th
- Burning River Fest – August 15th
- Brookside Zoo Clean-up with Metroparks – August 19th
- NEO Watershed Council

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