Summary Notes from FOBC Steering Committee Meeting, Nov. 5, 2009 at the Brooklyn Branch Library

$295 earned at Scrooge’s Night Out (with donation from West Creek)

Approved Bylaws change to West Creek as fiscal agent.
Approved change in dues categories to add business $100 level.

Project Manager Report
Discussion of foreclosure land, County Land Bank, conservation easements and recommended procedures for approaching sellers and neighbors.

Watershed Stewardship
Oxbow Natural Area: Mr. Gardin presented his view of possible future re-design of I-71 freeway exit at W. 65th Street.
Ohio Rapid Assessment Method needs to be done
Snake Hill:
Discussed lack of readiness for grant
American Greetings "wetland" area
Sent letter out Dec. 3. Discussed advantage of constructing wetland in view of the NEORSD's proposed stormwater program rates. Discussed American Greetings relationship with city of Brooklyn.
Highway Interchange Retrofits: Mr. Gardin noted that he sees potential in this project.
Rhodes High School Created Wetland Project:
Mr. Gazda will review multi-disciplinary project ideas with co-teacher to share work and responsibilities and develop a plan; FOBC will be involved in proposal to Board. The Jessie Owens oak tree and possible interests to the Historical Society was noted.
Walmart expansion - Brooklyn Planning Commission
Discussion of need for FOBC to be present at Jan. 7 meeing. Discussion of status of Walmart in Brooklyn, flooding, possible configuring of parking and greenspace on site.

Checking on possibility for Great Lakes Brewery dinner.

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