Summary Notes from FOBC Steering Committee Meeting, April 13, 2010 at the Brooklyn Fire Station Community Room

Ms. Stasek noted that Mr. Penko was recovering from recent surgery. Mr. Gardin noted that longtime conservationist, Advisory Comm member, and NEORSD employee Lester Stumpe passed away March 7.

June 5th Annual Big Creek Clean-up
Ms. Roskilly discussed the 12th annual event. Meeting locations will likely be Snow Road Picnic Area and Brookfield Road area. Ms. Neal mentioned that the Cleveland Div. of Water Pollution Control could provide t-shirts.

Ms. Roskilly mentioned upcoming rain barrel workshops that she will be conducting in the watershed: Stearns Farm on July 7 and Brooklyn on June 30. FOBC can share in the proceeds if a representative helps in the presentation. Brief discussion followed on the proposed Parma ordinance for rain barrel permits, which is felt to be counterproductive in its current form.

Ms. Neal passed around a draft of “Big Creek Watershed Stormwater Management Improvement,” which focuses on the Chevy branch of Big Creek. When asked, Ms. Neal expressed interest in representing WPC on the FOBC Advisory Committee and will take the request back to her superiors.

Big Creek Watershed Management Plan
Mr. Gardin reviewed final steps needed to have ODNR endorse the plan. FOBC must first have the plan endorsed by the majority of the watershed’s cities before submitting it to the state for endorsement review. Mr. Gardin and Ms. Roskilly discussed that CSWCD’s Jan Rybka could assist in ranking project sites identified in the plan. Ms. Regener suggested asking Mr. White to contrast the Big Creek Plan with the Chippewa Creek Balanced Growth Plan, which the state recently endorsed. General discussion followed on advancing the Balanced Growth Plan versus pursuing a Watershed Action Plan which would anticipate attainment of high water quality standards.

Possible FOBC Office Space
Motion passed to accept an offer for FOBC to rent office and meeting space from architect (and Ms. Stasek’s spouse) John Rakauskas for $100 per month at 4352 Pearl Rd. The formality of the arrangement will need to be determined as will such issues as insurance.

Upcoming Events
Mr. Gardin and Ms. Stasek reviewed events of the next month in which FOBC will participate including EarthFest on April 18.
Ms. Albers invited FOBC to build a recycled raft and enter the Lake Erie Boat Float on Sat Sept 11 at Edgewater Park. The event is sponsored by the Biodiversity Alliance and CMNH and seeks to raise awareness of recycling and habitat protection.
Mr. Lincheck announced that Great Lakes United, a co-sponsor of the Tall Ships Challenge coming to Cleveland in mid-July, is asking the Northeast Ohio Watershed Council and other local environmental groups to be involved in a “green village” at the event.

There was some discussion and support for re-examining a watershed-wide signage project where Big Creek tributaries are identified.

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