Summary Notes from FOBC Steering Committee Meeting, Oct. 12, 2010 at the FOBC Office, 4352 Pearl Rd.

Steering Committee: G. Cznadel, J. Gazda, K. Knall, J. Lennartz, A. Penko, M.E. Stasek, D. McBean, D. Petro, D. Slobodian
Project Manager: Bob Gardin
Advisory Committee: Gayle Albers, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells, NEORSD, Laura Travers, Cuyahoga County Board of Health

Mr. Gazda was elected to serve as the Steering
Committee’s secretary.
Jim Wohl removed from Steering Committee at his request due to other commitments. Thanks extended to Mr. Wohl for his involvement during the past two years.

NEORSD Presentation on How Watershed Groups can help with Watershed Restoration in Region
Documents provided for review:
• An October 1, 2010 letter to MR. Gardin from Julius Ciaccia, Executive director, NEORSD, providing an update on the “Regional Stormwater Management Program.”
• NEORSD September 23, 2010 response to a press release issued by several communities opposing the “Regional Stormwater Management Program.”
• NEORSD one page flyer explaining their “stormwater fee credits.”

Discussion focused on two distinct areas: First, the official announcement of the recipients of NEORSD support grants addressing watershed programs and second, the Regional Stormwater Management Program.

Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells informed the group that grants, totaling approximately $240,000, were recently awarded to seven watershed groups representing; Big Creek, Chagrin River, Doan Brook, Euclid Creek, Rocky River, Tinkers Creek and West Creek. As part of the grant
requirements, all recipients had presented to the NEORSD their many efforts and accomplishments that were addressed in 2009 on issues/areas concerning their individual watersheds. It was noted that overall the efforts of these watershed groups, including the FOBC,
in 2009 were very impressive. For example, with their interactions with city councils on watershed issues. It is anticipated that an advisory committee will be established in the future to provide input and suggestions for future watershed projects.

Regional Stormwater Management Program
Ms. Dreyfuss-Wells referred the group to the flyer that provides a general overview of the program, how it will
be funded, pertinent information regarding stormwater fee credits, and information on credit applications for residential properties. It was noted that a “residential credit manual” can be found on the sewer district’s website. The program could begin as early as July 2011, i.e. incorporating the fees into the billing process for water and sewage. Overall the program has been well received by most of communities of Northeast Ohio. It was noted that 12 communities are against the program for the reasons noted in a September 2010 press release. However, those against the program have not yet provided an alternative for addressing regional stormwater issues. Communities currently in favor of the program include the Big Creek communities of Parma, Parma Heights, Brooklyn, Brook Park, Cleveland and Linndale.

Project’s Manager Report
Focus on the following project areas:
Other Stream Restoration/Stormwater Retrofit Projects
With the assistance of FOBC’s Stasek and CSWD’s Jared Bartley a grant application for $5000.00 was submitted to Freshwater Future on September 30th. An additional $5,000 was contributed from the recently received NEORSD grant noted earlier.

Highway Interchange Retrofits
ODOT has indicated that retrofits projects addressing watershed issues at highway interchanges (I-71 and W 150th) would not be addressed at this time unless mandated. Efforts to work with ODOT on these issues will continue. However, new construction projects and related watershed issues would continue to move forward. A letter would be sent to ODOT in the near future. During discussion it was suggested that researching what other states do with regards to retrofits might be helpful in future discussions.

Parkview Elementary School Native Wildflower Restoration Project, Parma
Parma Kiwanis had not yet agreed to contribute $300 towards restoration of the wildflower site. FOBC had offered to contribute the same amount and anything over the projected material costs. Other sources of funds such as Metroparks Cans for Conservation fund and contributions from local nurseries (topsoil and mulch) will be sought for project implementation next year. CMNH’s Garrett Ormiston will help coordinate this project. Volunteers from the school (teachers and students) would help maintain the site after it is restored.

Evergreen Lake, Parma
FOBC has agreed to give a written assessment of the solutions offered to improve the water quality of the lake. Bob is awaiting information from NEORSD and Parma’s Engineering Department regarding drainage into the lake and seeking recommendations from NOACA and
SWCD staff on the best approaches the lake community can make towards addressing its water
quality problems. It was suggested that one might want to pursue a small grant for next year from NEORSD
toward future water quality studies and a plan of action.

Big Creek Balanced Growth Watershed/Management Plan
It was reported that the City of Brooklyn recently passed a resolution supporting and adopting the Plan on September 28th. A presentation was given to the City of Brook Park on October 5th and a resolution supporting the plan followed. Presentations have also been given to Parma City Council and the Cleveland Planning Commission, and will be presented to the City of Parma
Heights in the near future. It is anticipated that similar resolutions will result.

Rain Barrel/Other Youth Enterprise Opportunities
At the September 14, 2010 meeting of the Steering/Advisory Committees Brian Cummings
proposed the development of a self-supporting rain barrel youth enterprise system. Other areas that could be also addressed might be rain gardens, growing of native plants for rain gardens, cleaning gutters and the installation of the rain barrels. The youth group could be an extension of
the efforts of FOBC. Those present were receptive to Brian’s proposal and agreed to forward ideas, information and contacts to Mr. Gardin. Ms. Dreyfuss-Wells noted that NEORSD would be supportive of such an effort and that funding through Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) could be used for such a project. (

Outreach and Education Items
Bellaire-Puritas Neighborhood Summit – October 27th
Northeast Ohio Watershed Council – October 28, 2010

Project Funding
The Committee voted to support the following project funding endeavors:
1. Proceed with submitting Cans of Conservation application for Parkview Native Planting Project.
2. Proceed with submitting Additional Funding Requests toward Stormwater Retrofit Ranking Project.

VI. Other Items/Updates
Vernal Pool Restoration – Cleveland Metroparks – Brookside Reservation
A vernal restoration project was successfully completed at Brookside Reservation (Park Drive between Fulton and Fulton Parkway). Signage will be added in the future. A five year monitoring program will be undertaken. It is anticipated that wood frogs will soon appear within
the restored area.

Big Creek Greenway Trail Committee - Brooklyn
The Plan’s Advisory Committee may be re-convening in the near future.

Biddulph Road Property Acquisition
FOBC and WCPC are awaiting a response from the owner of the property for a follow-up meeting to review a draft purchase agreement.

Ohio’s Volunteer Monitoring Training Program: Three Day Chemical Method Training
Steering Committee members, Messrs. McBean and Gazda, completed a three day training session on August 17-19, 2010 addressing Level II credible chemical data
collecting. Along with Mr. Penko and Advisory Committee member Ms. Albers, they will look into how this training can be utilized, e.g., a water monitoring program at
the Zoo and making a connection to the classroom.

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