Summary Notes from FOBC Steering Committee Meeting, December 7, 2010 at the FOBC Office, 4352 Pearl Rd.

Steering Committee: G. Cznadel, J. Gazda, K. Knall, J. Lennartz, A. Kuula, J. Lennartz, A. Penko, M.E. Stasek, D. McBean, D. Petro, D. Slobodian
Project Manager: Bob Gardin
Advisory Committee: Dave Lincheck, WCPC, Garrett Ormiston, CMNH

Prior to the meeting FOBC hosted an open house to showcase the new office and meeting space and recent projects and accomplishments.

Mr. Gardin provided copies of the a December 2, 2010 Sun News article about the Big Creek Balanced Growth Plan, titled “Controlling storm water seen as key to land redevelopment.”

Update on Selected Projects

Big Creek Balanced Growth Watershed Management Plan

Mr. Gardin and Ms. Stasek joined CRCPO's Mr. White as he presented the Plan to municipalities. Mr. White was complimented on the excellent presentations. The five communities representing over 95% of the watershed’s land area, have officially supported the plan. Support from the City of North Royalton is anticipated in the near future.

Big Creek Stormwater Retrofit Ranking Project
Grant monies are being sought to evaluate and prioritize the 156 stormwater retrofits identified in the Balanced Growth Plan. 30-40 highest ranking sites will be identified for field analysis; several of high rank will have conceptual plans drawn. Application made for CMAG grant in November. Additional funding will be sought through LEPF program in January.

Parkview Elementary/Parma High School Native Wildflower Restoration Project

Application was submitted to the Cleveland Metroparks Cans for Conservation Fund for funds in the amount of $720.50. If received, the funds would be used to implement this project in 2011. Garrett Ormiston, CMNH, was thanked for his assistance in the development of this project.

Evergreen Lake, Parma

Mr. Gardin and Ms. Stasek attended an Oct. 27 meeting with the residents of the area that featured Dr. Bob Davic, a former Ohio EPA specialist and current water quality consultant. Dr. Davic recommended applying alum to address the excessive nutrients in the Lake over the expense and impact of an aeration system. The matter will be reviewed from other agencies and water quality professionals.

Outreach and Education

- Bellaire-Puritas Neighborhood Summit – Oct. 27
- Ohio Canal Corridor’s Scrooge’s Night Out – Dec. 3
FOBC, WCPC and OCC volunteers hosted and served beverages at OCC’s annual fundraiser. Tips totalling $504.00 were donated by the OCC and WCPC to FOBC.

Property Acquisition

The goal is to conserve and restore the native habitat ( A future analysis of the area’s habitat is anticipated) in the approx. 3 acre double lot. Contractual materials are near signing. Once the agreement is signed FOBC will have 365 days to obtain the funds to purchase the property at the negotiated price of about $70,000 plus about $5000 in related costs.

Fundraising needs/planning for early 2011

Funding needed for property acquisition in 2011. Several suggestions were discussed and a subcommittee of Ms. Knall, Ms. Kuula, Mr. Cznadel and Mr. Petro was formed to plan events.

Porcelain berry invasive problem at Metroparks Brookside Reservation

Mr. Petro suggested an event to remove vines from the base of the hillside late Jan. or early Feb. 2011. He will work with Cleveland Metroparks' Ms. Albers to organize; FOBC will recruit volunteers and provide refreshments.

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