Summary Notes from FOBC Steering Committee Meeting, April 6, 2011 at the FOBC Office, 4352 Pearl Rd.

Steering Committee: J. Gazda,  M. E. Stasek, G. Czadnel, A. Kuula, D. McBean, D. Slobodian, A. Penko
Project Manager: B. Gardin
Advisory Committee: D. Lincheck, WCPC; R. Webb, NEORSD; A. Vidra, NOACA; J. Rybka, Cuyahoga SWCD; L. Travers, CCBH; G. Ormiston, CMNH, G. Albers, CleMetZoo

Andy Vidra informed all that he is retiring. Dennis Petro and Kim Knall have resigned from FOBC; Mr. Petro will remain active with issues related to Brooklyn. Efforts and contributions by all were noted; they will be missed.

Email Voting
Executive committee recommended that the group not adopt voting by email and suggested that telephone conferences could be utilized as needed. There was concern that using email would exclude the public since the FOBC is a community organization. In response the SC agreed to not take action at this time.

WCPC’s draft “Statement of Expectations for Board Members.”  was presented for consideration. It was noted that at the document has not yet been adopted by WCPC. No official action was taken.

The question of approval of disbursements by email was discussed, noting that audits prefer actual signatures.

The fundraiser at Cleats resulted in $750 (sixty-one attendees). It was a good indicator of the amount of work necessary for future events and larger fundraisers. There was some concern whether the return justified the overall effort. A need for other avenues should be pursued.

CRCPO/RAP request for additional funds towards Big Creek Growth Plan: The request was reviewed and it was agreed that a decision on RAP’s request will follow a more complete breakdown.

Biddulph Avenue Property Purchase Agreement: Mr. Lincheck will draft a MOU for the Committee’s review. Reimbursement of earnest money deferred.

It was reported that the Porcelain Berry Snap and the Mini-symposium were successful events.

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