Summary Notes from FOBC Steering Committee Meeting, December 14, 2011 at the FOBC Office, 4352 Pearl Rd.

Diana Slobodian has submitted her resignation but may return to the committee in the future. Roger Kalbrunner was elected Steering Committee member.

Bylaws revision: SC affirmed change from a ‘steering committee’ to a ‘board’, and that FOBC is not a ‘membership-voting’ organization.

Mr. Gardin stated that the Stormwater Retrofit Project is progressing well. Mr. Stein stated that some sites, such as the Brook Park Giant Eagle, have underground storage systems. Site plans for stormwater sites were obtained from each city and the County Engineer’s Office. The prioritization model for the stormwater retrofit project was discussed. Mr. Gardin noted that the design consultants for would be asked to give a presentation during the FOBC meeting in

Ms. Stasek noted that the November awards ceremony celebrating the State’s endorsement of the Big Creek Watershed Balanced Growth Plan was a great success.

Mr. Gardin and Mr. Lincheck brought to the attention of the committee, a property that is for
sale in Parma Heights owned by the Church-in-the-Woods. The site has frontage on Big Creek
and is adjacent to an existing park in Parma Heights. The possibility of approaching this property
owner seeking the donation of a conservation easement along Big Creek was discussed.

Biddulph Road Property:

In answer to an inquiry about the conservation value of the property, Mr. Lincheck stated that the Biddulph Rd. property is an important part of a larger conservation and trail-building project which could contain many adjacent parcels, which could hopefully be acquired in the future. Mr. Lincheck is investigating a pipeline easement dating back to 1916, uncovered during a title search.

WCPC has a purchase agreement through Dec. 31, 2011 to buy the 3.5-acre Biddulph Road property; FOBC had agreed to take on all fund-raising responsibilities associated to complete the property purchase. WCPC will cover the funding shortfall (ca. $18K), but will need to recoup cost by June 30, 2012. FOBC's Chair has personally guaranteed repayment.

Following a discussion regarding the complicated roles that FOBC and WCPC are playing in the
Biddulph Road property acquisition, the SC approved entering into a promissory note agreement with WCPC whereby WCPC will bridge the funding gap in the Baazoui (Biddulph Rd.) property acquisition pending the successful outcome of the title issues pertaining to the pipeline easement.

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